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Friday, June 18, 2010

come to Jesus

lemon tree

don't know why

cry me a river



buddy holly

takeout concert from a while ago

I'm finally getting around to posting the videos of our April 30th concert online. Enjoy.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

learning with literature

These days I read a lot of different blogs about language learning and language learning methods (like this one and this one). One thing they all seem to agree on is the importance of reading the language. So I'm trying to read a lot of Korean. I've found that children's books have the perfect balance of simple grammar, new vocabulary and interesting content.

I checked this book out of the Library at my school. It's called"
재주 많은 다섯 친구" (The Five Super Talented Friends). I was told it's based on an old Korean folk tale.

They story begins with some old people who are unable to have children so a monk tells them to bury a pot in the ground for a couple months. They do that and then they pull this kid out. They call him "Pot Boy." His talent is being really strong. He decides to leave home after a while and meets a guy who can blow a powerful wind out of his nose. His name is "Nose Breath Boy."

They meet a third super talented person who can pee a waterfall. He's called "Urine Boy."

They meet two other guys, one who carries a boat around on his back, and one who has huge feet and wears iron boots. They are respectively titled "Boat Boy" and "Iron Boy." So they're all traveling together for a while. Unfortunately the house where they stop for the night is full of tigers (!!!)

Instead of eating them, the tigers trick the five friends into a building a tower out of logs and then they light it on fire when the guys are at the top.

I'll bet you can guess which guy saves the day...

Anyways, I'm becoming fairly convinced you have to become a child again to really learn anything, particularly a new language.


So I've tried to re-arrange my blog to make it YET EVEN more interesting (which is amazing, because it's already unbelievably interesting, right?), accessible, and representative of the stuff I'm up to.

I'm intending to put up some things related to my Korean language and culture studies as well - we'll see if that actually happens.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Wednesday was voting day in Korea, and here you usually get the whole day off. We went to the sea and took a ferry over to a small island where we played volleyball, ate 회 (raw fish) and enjoyed beautiful weather and scenery.