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Thursday, March 25, 2010

우리 남동생 (my little brother)

Of course everyone wants to be proud of his family, especially if it's family that's a U.S. Marine. But to actually see a little brother standing with unquestioned integrity as a man among boys is something else. It's not surprising - the quality's always been there. But it is overwhelming.

The other guy is Haggarty, I think he's one of Eric's roommates. We'll be hanging out more this weekend, hopefully seeing some of the sights around the city.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

of late

It was warm for almost days and then not anymore.

It was my second week in college. I stared coolly across the top of a blueberry Italian soda, reflecting on thoughts too deep for most people to understand.

He stopped suddenly, a sense of danger sounding through his brain like a Klaxon. There on the ground, immediately recognizable to his trained eye, was the soft shell of newly shed skin. He shuddered. The beast could be anywhere now.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


For over six months now, Lewis and I have been going to the hospital (nursing home) on Tuesday nights for a short service/Bible study. But since we're starting classes at 서강 this week, yesterday was the last day for ten weeks.

The jacket-wearing couple next to Lewis and me are the Sun-ho's. I don't actually know their names, but Lewis and I like to call them that because their daughter's name is Sun-ho.

The zealous looking man (leaning forward) is Brother Jacob, the missionary who invited Lewis and I to start coming to the hospital. He's really helped us get involved in the church, and given us some good opportunities for ministry.