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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Young-il Ahn's Audiobook (mp3 + e-book)

I'm really digging Ahn Young Il's audiobook from My Korean Store.  In addition to the hours and hours of free content TTMIK has created, they have some interesting, inexpensive materials for sale as well.

산모의 평령연령

YTN News reports that the average age of first time mothers is now over 30.

"여성들의 결혼 연령이 높아지면서 지난해 첫 아이를 낳은 산모의 평균연령이 처음으로 30세를 넘었습니다."

연령  (年) = age.
(Specifically, it seems to indicate a particular age, as in the above case, the age at which a woman first gives birth.  If anyone has a more specific definition, I would love to hear).
산모 (産母) = mother (산모의 is maternal).
평균 (平均) = average

"통계청은 지난해 산모의 평균 출산연령이 31.26세를 기록해 재작년보다 0.29세 높아졌다고 밝혔습니다."

통계청 = National Statistics Office
출산 (出産)   = birth, childbirth
기록    = record, write down
재작년 = the year before last

결혼 이후 출산까지 걸린 시간은 평균 3.52년으로 재작년보다 0.12년 증가했습니다.

증가하다 = increase, growth

지난해 출생아 수는 47만 200명으로 재작년보다 5.7%, 2만 5천 300명 늘어 3년만에 증가세로 돌아섰습니다.

증가세 (增價稅 -  is tax or duty, as in 세금) increase
돌아서다 = turn around (I always forget this one)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


"반말 하지마"‥몽골 근로자가 중국인에 칼부림....신기하다고 생각해서 번역해 보려고 합니다.

Somebody referenced this in a comment at the Marmot Hole and it sounded like interesting study material.   There's a full translation here, I'm just going to include a few sentences.

중국인 회사 동료를 살해하려 한 혐의(살인미수)로 몽골인 불법체류자 K(34)씨를 붙잡아 조사하고 있다고 밝혔다. 

A Chinese illegal alien was charged with the attempted murder of his Mongolian co-worker and is being investigated. . 

혐의  charge, suspicion. 
살인미수  attempted murder

... 회사 숙소에서 동료 중국인 H(19)씨에게 흉기를 휘둘러 다치게 한 혐의를 받고 있다.

숙소  living quarters
흉기  weapon
휘두르다 brandish, swing

K씨는 경찰에서 "나이도 한참 어린 H씨가 자꾸 내게 반말을 하는 것에 화가 났다"고 말했다

한참 a long time (modifying adjective)

이 회사의 한 관계자는 "H씨가 평소 한국말을 잘하지는 못했다"고 전했다.

H 님, 한국말을 열심히 공부하셔야죠 ^^

Monday, August 22, 2011


I love using free and interesting native content to study Korean.  YTN News has the full text to a lot of their video clips, which makes it a great study resource.    

I found a free browser plugin called Freecorder which lets you capture the audio streaming from your browser.   It has a handy convert tool and a couple of different options for recording format.  I like to have the audio files on my MP3 player and listen to them after I've studied the script for a while. 

Unfortunately, if there are any buffering or timeout issues with the audio stream it will break the recording into smaller clips.  When that happens, I mix the clips together I with Audacity.  It's a hassel, but it gets the job done. 

I like to import the articles into Lingq and use that to learn the new vocabulary (requires a basic subscription to do this).  It has an embedded dictionary function which uses Google's translator.
It's far from perfect, but for me it's much easier than looking up everything in Naver.  

If you know of some better tools or resources, I'd love to hear about them.  열심히 공부합시다^^

Friday, June 18, 2010

come to Jesus

lemon tree

don't know why

cry me a river



buddy holly

takeout concert from a while ago

I'm finally getting around to posting the videos of our April 30th concert online. Enjoy.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

learning with literature

These days I read a lot of different blogs about language learning and language learning methods (like this one and this one). One thing they all seem to agree on is the importance of reading the language. So I'm trying to read a lot of Korean. I've found that children's books have the perfect balance of simple grammar, new vocabulary and interesting content.

I checked this book out of the Library at my school. It's called"
재주 많은 다섯 친구" (The Five Super Talented Friends). I was told it's based on an old Korean folk tale.

They story begins with some old people who are unable to have children so a monk tells them to bury a pot in the ground for a couple months. They do that and then they pull this kid out. They call him "Pot Boy." His talent is being really strong. He decides to leave home after a while and meets a guy who can blow a powerful wind out of his nose. His name is "Nose Breath Boy."

They meet a third super talented person who can pee a waterfall. He's called "Urine Boy."

They meet two other guys, one who carries a boat around on his back, and one who has huge feet and wears iron boots. They are respectively titled "Boat Boy" and "Iron Boy." So they're all traveling together for a while. Unfortunately the house where they stop for the night is full of tigers (!!!)

Instead of eating them, the tigers trick the five friends into a building a tower out of logs and then they light it on fire when the guys are at the top.

I'll bet you can guess which guy saves the day...

Anyways, I'm becoming fairly convinced you have to become a child again to really learn anything, particularly a new language.


So I've tried to re-arrange my blog to make it YET EVEN more interesting (which is amazing, because it's already unbelievably interesting, right?), accessible, and representative of the stuff I'm up to.

I'm intending to put up some things related to my Korean language and culture studies as well - we'll see if that actually happens.